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Lems Safe and sound

So anyone who might have been worried about Lem I just want you to know he's alright and doing well. We are gonna go see Resident Evil in 333DDD... *cough*

Any way, yeah, he just needs lots of hugs and for the most part everything is getting settled down off screen. Love you all and hope your day is going well!


8 months...

Wow, why do I even have one of these? Oh yeah because I love all of you.

Ok, 8 months huh? I can do this... stuff has happened to me and Lem for that matter, Hmmmm

1)We moved in with some kinky friends for a while and that ended up being more like a family arrangement than anything else. Thats always good right? When you cant call the people you live with /just/ roommates they become family instead.
2)Lem and I are both in school down here in Salem OR, he is taking VC (visual communications) and I am back in my one true love, child development and education. Things are going really well, we are into our second year and still going strong. classes for Lem are getting harder but with us both medicated and able to concentrate things are running smooth.
3)Oh, the people we lived with had a LOT of animals. 4 cats and 2 dogs, 3 outdoor cats and then snuggles who is a sweet loveable polidactle ragdoll and then 2 dogs, a beautiful siberian husky who is beyond submissive and has a personality that is perma puppy and loving as well as a very old (13+) Rotwiller who is nice enough and was a rescue. She was used as a puppy mill and then when she was too old they over fed her to the point where standing up her tummy was touching the ground. Very sad.
4)Lem got a snowshoe siamese as a gift (funny since he is allergic to cats) But hey, thats Lems baby... His name is Anubis, he's an asshole. Apparently most of his breed are, they are smart and beautiful and know it.
5)Now I was all grumpy cause Anubis didnt seem to like me so Lem let me get a kitten... Her name is Harly and she is also a Polidactle kitty, though she is a tortus shell tabby. So freaking cute. I'll have to post pics soon.
6) Some financial issues on the part of our roomies happened and so they had to move to the country, a good thing really. Lem and I got our own apartment and so now we have a place to ourselves and the cats are getting along great. Anubis is about 6months old and HArley is... 3 months old. They play so nice together.

Ok, so thats it for now... Ask all the questions you want...

Should write something...

Wow, It's been forever since I've updated on anything so I guess i should at least let people know I'm alive and doing well. Lem and I are both going to school out here in Oregon, Art majors and all that jazz. Well /He's/ in the VC program, I'm still working on the prerequisites. We'll see where it goes from there.

We moved in with a great couple a few months back and absolutely love it here. I've had roomates before but this doesn't feel like that. It's more like family than just roomates. Kind of like the gang in Lansing feels. I miss you all BTW (you know who you are) There has been all kinds of activity and so Been real busy. If anyone has questions or want to catch up feel free to drop me a line.

Thats it for now.

Japan? Tokyo even...

Don't change the channel this is indeed another post this year. I don't write a lot here and I'm sorry, bad me...

So Lem and I will be looking into going to Temple university in Tokyo. Seriously, I'm not kidding Lem and I are hoping to go to finish our bachelors in Japan. They have a good arts division and since both Lem and I are going into different aspects of Art that seems to be a good move. This will give him the foot up on competition for the area of graphics he's hoping to get into.

In other news I passed last term though I'm worried about the Keyboarding class this term. I am horrid at this keyboarding thing. That will drop my GPA but I'm hoping not too much. Oh well.

I have to head off to do some homework. Be good....


I guess I should check in and say hi, let people know I'm alive and all that fun stuff.

The run down: Lem and I will be headding back to school June 23rd, hopefully we'll be catching a bus to visit another friend in Eugene before school starts since I have not seen her in a few years.

May 18th was my birthday and Lem and my friend Angel (oregon) planned a suprise party behind my back *grin* It was so cute! we got to her Mom's place and there it was, a party just for me. I got a happy bunny shirt that says 'Cute but a little crazy' as well as a kick ass card that talked. On the front it has a cartoon bunny and cat and it says 'ok, we're gonna give it to you straight on your birthday' Then on the inside it talks when you open and says 'Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm you are looking fine, in one word 'Yum!' I would eat you up (insert nawing noises here)' So yeah, there was cake, ice cream and presents... it was neat, I love stuff like that.

Lem is working on a few awesome projects for text based games. One him and a /long/ time friend are making based on Wod, or similar. The other? a Star wars saga based. He seems to really be into it and I'm glad he's keeping busy. I've been a little lazy, though I am doing what I can when it comes to a lot of things... I'll be looking into a few different things health wise. Stuff is just insane, and I miss my friends in MI, but if I left here? I'd miss my friends here again.

In other news? I am an honorary member of the SEIU, a local childcare/home care workers union. I may become an official member if I can get the job as my Mom's caregiver. She's not doing so well and i think if I helped her get out of the house and be taken care of she might... get better, at least that's my hope.

Ok, a billion pages later... I'll stop, I just... I got 2 months paid service from a wicked awesome friend on here... Not wanting to name names... but she knows who she is... That was her B-day gift to me. *Smile* So I'll thank her here... THANKS SAM!!!!!

Moved safe and sound.

Ok, for those of you who care... Hell even if you don't I think I'll say it anyway. Lema nd I made it safe to Oregon and aside from out lugguge making it on a different plane the day after we arrived and us having no clean clothes a whole day. *shiver with dirty* Things went well.

We are safe and sound in Salem, all the 'cute' little ghetto amuses Lem, the 'bad' part of salem is like the acceptable and alright to raise your kids at area of Lansing. Those of you who live there? Know how amusing that must be. There are a LOT of hispanic's moved in though... *more than I remember being here before I left* But that's cool, no problems have arised so far... (day 3)...

I miss everyone already, and look forward to seeing you all one way or another.


Common sense is lost in Oregon...

I love people... That's what I do, I have made friends in a lot of places and some of these friends I haven't had the chance to meet I'm sorry to report... but one day.

I am also /really/ enjoying my chosen major and it's because of the ignorance of society and individuals as a whole that I will have no problem finding employment upon graduation. (looks away a bit sad) But really? what the hell? In a matter of a few months I've already got excited girls calling or writting me letting me know 'Guess what? I'm pregnant!' Now I have nothing against people breeding, in fact when I grow up I wouldn't mind having babies. But these girls I'm talking about? None of them are even old enough to drink leagally... *sigh* 2 of then liv in Oregon and I've been their baby sitter... Why? with all the protection and anti pregnancy items avaliable in our time are these girls not using it? I'm so confused...

Well with that little bit out of my system I'll bounce round and giggle because I can. I am /really/ excited about this semester. I get to work with children, yes! People are going to trust their little ones to me for 4 hours a week!!!! So that should be fun. I'm worried for a little reason, I have school Mon-Fri... and then I am going to be working as well so... School, work, 4hrs of child care... This is going to be a busy semester... but totally worth it. I'm going back to Oregon for a month this summer, going to see friends I haven't seen in forever. I'm scared and excited all at the same time. Silly, I know but doesn't mean I don't feel it.

I should stop typing and let you nice people get back to your normal lives...

Thank you for listening, well... reading.

Tatsyana Holland

Holiday Humbug...

Ok, normally i am a very cheery person who loves /everything/ But this year? I'm sick, and tired and unmedicated. I am doing what most kids dread, looking /forward/ to school starting. I am so bored... and i feel lazy and fidgity and all around icky. I know... Tots complaining is a weired and horrible thing since it doesn't happen too often. Why is it that i have not posted in /forever/ and now? i'm posting negative nancy junk?

I'll try better... How about this? I am presently passing at school and happy about that. :) i have a low 2 point but plan on upping that this semester. I am in Early childhood development and education and loving it. I'm taking math, child development 111, a P.E. class, and conversational Japanese... The japanese is the only one i see any possible problems with...
We'll just wait and see and on that note? Wish me luck..



Well I finally got them, I am among the eye glass to correct vision...

That is all...

Baby Shower!!!

Ten to one your a girl if your answering me, or even opened this.

Now if you are one of my Munch girls I have a fun bit of info... Our little Kaylie (DK's Sub/Girlfriend) is pregnant. She is about 4 months along and her Mom's being a mega Bitch about /everything/ She's refusing to allow her to have a baby shower (Meaning her mother wont throw her one) because she is unmarried therefor does not deserve on. Kaylie is working (I'm so proud of her... she's growing up) and her and DK are looking into getting a place and starting a real /adult/ life. I figured if at some time we could put together some sort of baby shower, party or just a congrates get together that would be cool Any Idea's? I'm horrid at this stuff and I know our apartment is /WAY/ too small to host anything *sigh*

Like every young couple starting out they have Nadda... Feel free to spread the word since I have barely anyones live journal account. :P I love you all for reading and hope to drag the happy parents to be to another munch or party soon. *Grin*



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